Pray for peace

Gregorian chants, sacred polyphonies of the XIVth century, Persian improvisations


Participative creation. Voices, instruments, circus, video, amateur and smartphone choruses.

Douce Playsance

Musical entertainment in the courts of Avignon and Florence at the end of the XIVth century.

The Chatterers

Special birthday program for the 20th of De Caelis.


For five female singers, amateur chorus and electronic soundtrack.

The book of Alienor

An exceptional program between sacred and profane that pays tribute to two great female figures of history: Eleanor of Brittany and Eleanor of Aquitaine.


From secret to sacred between yesterday and toda

The effects of english channel

English music of the 13th and 14th centuries.


Love songs, troubadours, minstrels and Persian song

The sibylline prophecies

Cant de la Sibilla, XIVth et XVIth spanish centuries.