Odd Birds

Two possible casting options: 5 singers and organetto. 5 singers and organetto, with Jean Boucault and Johnny Rasse – Les Chanteurs-Oiseaux (The Birdsong imitators).   Works by Borlet, Solage, Guillaume de Machaut, Guillaume Dufay, Clément Janequin together with pieces of unknown origin from the 14th century Chantilly Codex.   Angels, rare birds, and other more familiar warblers appear throughout the programme. The entire history of music is filled with their songs. A bird is a poet, a prophet, and a [...]

Mahaut, Girl of Wood

A NEW PRODUCTION FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES 3 actress-singers, 1 musician and 1 stage manager. A musical tale for the stage with vocals, instruments, masks and puppets. Featuring works by Guillaume de Machaut and Moniot d’Arras, and pieces of unknown origin from the 13th century; with Caroline Marçot. Script by Anouch Paré. Director: Véronique Samakh. Lighting design: Simon Fritschi. Costumes: Maxence Rapetti. Scenography: Ludovic Meunier. For all audiences aged 6 and above. Running time 45-50 minutes. Mahaut, fille de bois, is [...]


Special birthday program for the 20th of De Caelis.

Pray for peace

Gregorian chants, sacred polyphonies of the XIVth century, Persian improvisations


Participative creation. Voices, instruments, circus, video, amateur and smartphone choruses.


For five female singers, amateur chorus and electronic soundtrack.

The book of Alienor

An exceptional program between sacred and profane that pays tribute to two great female figures of history: Eleanor of Brittany and Eleanor of Aquitaine.


From secret to sacred between yesterday and toda

The effects of english channel

English music of the 13th and 14th centuries.

Did you say medieval ?

A concert with narrations for people of all ages and tastes.