Mahaut, Girl of Wood


3 actress-singers, 1 musician and 1 stage manager.

A musical tale for the stage with vocals, instruments, masks and puppets.

Featuring works by Guillaume de Machaut and Moniot d’Arras, and pieces of unknown origin from the 13th century; with Caroline Marçot. Script by Anouch Paré.

Director: Véronique Samakh. Lighting design: Simon Fritschi.

Costumes: Maxence Rapetti. Scenography: Ludovic Meunier.

For all audiences aged 6 and above. Running time 45-50 minutes.

Mahaut, fille de bois, is a magical performance set in an imaginary Middle Ages as richly detailed as the illuminating illustrations of a medieval manuscript. It is carried along by specialists of medieval music, all of whom share the desire to combine the highest artistic standards whilst facilitating easy and immediate access.

According to an old legend, a long time ago, fairies stole babies from their cribs and replaced them with plain pieces of wood. After expending considerable love and affection, the wood comes to life… and so begins the story of Mahaut, our heroine. As in many tales, there is a spiritual journey of initiation, interspersed with exciting adventures and colourful characters, during which, laughter, irreverence, and poetry combine with music to question identity, legitimacy, lineage, kinship and love. Along the way, we will encounter Casserole the nanny, Fae des Houles, a griffin, the Mad Knight, a number of gargoyles, la Dame ofde Ventremort and many more.

The production is designed to be mobile with an adaptable format, for a maximum capacity of 200 people.


A coproduction of the Compagnie du Carrosse d’or (93), the Théâtre du château d’Eu (76), the Quai des Arts (61), the DOC (14), and l’Arsenal (27)