From secret to sacred between yesterday and today.

Hildegard Von Bingen (1098 – 1179) / Zad Moultaka (1967-)

Hildegard’s ecstatic song stimulates the language of today. Zad Moultaka inlays the very depths of his cultural inheritance with flashes of light, diamonds, mortar fire and passages of sound-bearing light. Linking these pieces together, crossing the layers of memory and of time as one crosses walls, he cuts a path into our imaginations.

Hildegard von Bigen, Symphonia harmoniae celestium revelationum (XIIth century).
Zad Moultaka, Ubi es, for 5 female voices, electronics and a bass drum (2014).
Programme for 5 unaccompanied female voices, electronics and a bass drum.

Duration : 1h15

A co-production between De Caelis and the Festival de Saintes.
This programme has benn recorded and edited by L’empreinte Digitale.
GEMME ED13241 © L’empreinte digitale 2015

Le programme “Jardin clos” mentionné dans la vidéo est à l’origine du programme GEMME.

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