Odd Birds
14 October 2022
20 h 30 min
Plougonvelin (20)
Le Quartz de Brest - Espace culturel Keraudy
+ d'infos

5 female singers, organetto,
The Birdsong Imitators – Jean Boucault and Johnny Rasse

Angels, rare and not-so-rare birds appear as this programme unfolds, a tribute to the feather, poetic and a tad mischievous. The entire history of music is filled with their songs. A bird is a poet, a prophet and a singer: a wondrous alliance of art and nature. In the Middle Ages, human song was regarded as an imitation of birdsong, which itself was merely the earthly echo of the angels. An alluring ancestry in which trills vied with sounds from deeper in the throat!

The bird songs of Jean Boucault and Johnny Rasse dialogue, play and mingle – with incomparable virtuosity – with the female singers’ voices.

This programme can be performed outdoors, and the birds in the garden are cordially invited to join in the concert!