“The Chatterers” , teaser

Special birthday program for the 20th of De Caelis.

J. Cage, S. Reich, G. Aperghis, creations of Régis Campo and Jacques Rebotier. and anonymous composers from the 13th  and 14th century,

Staging : Eric Louviot

The Ensemble plays with words and notes through the imagination of composers from yesterday and today.

For five female voices

Duration : 1h20

On the occasion of his 20 years, De Caelis proposes an adventure for all ages public around the Anthem, the very fashionable musical form in the Middle Ages: the Chatterers, or how to make of a small defect the subject of the program …

In the Middle Ages, language was considered as “natural music”. The word motet, motetus, comes from the French “mot” meaning word. Highly popular during the 13thcentury, it played cleverly with musical discourse and dialectic art. It superimposed and intertwined different texts and different languages, bloating, spluttering, rambling, mocking or praising at will. A veritable Tower of Babel, a masterpiece of rhetoric or merely gay banter, the motet allowed the musician’s enthusiasm to shine through by exploring new possibilities of notation.

The recent pieces of this programme share this spirit and the taste for experimentation and the extraordinary. They use language as the raw material of music.

This programme is intended to be both scholarly and entertaining, with the contemporary pieces and texts giving pride of place to humour and theatricality.