Douce Playsance

Musical entertainment in the courts of Avignon and Florence at the end of the XIVth century.

Pieces of G. de Machaut, P. de Vitry, P. de Caserta, J. de Senlèches, J. Solage, F. Landini…

Voices, organetto and clavicytherium.

Programme for 3 female voices, , 1 organetto, 1 clavicytherium

Duration : 1h15

At the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, the courts of Avignon and northern Italy played host to brilliant artistic circles where the greatest musicians shone. Crafting a treasury of musical “gems” through technique and stylistic erring, they invented unusual and entertaining combinations. It was customary to sing and play, especially among ladies. The clavicytherium and the organetto accompany this programme.

The pieces of the program result from the Codex Chantilly, one of the richest collections of French music of the XIVth century, of the Codex Squarcialupi, consisted in Florence at the beginning of the XVth century containing some music of the Italian XIVth century, and the Codex Faenza, copied at the beginning of the XVth century, which presents one of the most former music collections for keyboard.